Give Socials -FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

By the way, we are in BETA so some things may be buggy. Thank you for understanding!

1- How works ?

: gives you one place to share all of your social media sites as well as find people with similar interests. Most of the time, unless you were very lucky, your social media accounts don't match. You may be Bob on Facebook, but BobW on Twitter, and BobWater on Instagram. is the one place you can combine all of your various social media accounts into one easy location. Imagine being able to give your GS (aka username) as Bob, instead of the 20 different names on the other platforms (Bob on FB, BobW on Twitter etc...)

2- How can i edit my social links ?

: After logging into your account , in left sidebar you will see the"Edit social links " option. Click on that and you will be redirected to your social links page. Copy and paste your social media links into the open boxes under the corresponding social media sites. Save and refresh your page.
For Example, when you log into Facebook, you will see your profile picture on the left. Click on it. At the top of your screens in your address bar, you will see Copy that link, and paste it into the empty box under Facebook. Save and refresh. Now when you go to your site, a new FB icon will pop up and allow people to find your social media page.

3- Which social links do we support ?

: At the moment you will see a short list of social media sites. As more users join and submit their requests, more will be added. Just remember to copy your profile's complete link into the open box and Save at the bottom. Also click Refresh or use your browsers refresh button.

4- Can i change order of my social links ?

: Yes you can - Just go to the "Edit social links" page and you can drag your social links box in the order you want using your mouse. Once they are in the order you want, choose Save at the bottom and refresh the page.

5- What usernames can I use legally?

: Don't even bother using business names or celebrities as they can be revoked at any time at our discretion. If you are the business owner, you will be contacted to prove your claim on a username. If you have signed up for a username but it is not legally yours to use, you will be forced to relinquish it. If you are found to be using a username in a fraudulent manner, it will be removed. Please visit our Terms of Use page for more info. In short, make a site for you so you don't have any issues.

6- Premium Usernames

: Since we don't use ads, we make money on Premium Usernames. A Premium Username is simply a shorter name. So if you want to promote all of your social media sites , you can tell people your username aka "your GS" is Bob for example. People can search for Bob and get to you a lot easier than typing a long username. When you advertise your GS (aka Givesocial's name) it is a small word instead of a long name.

7- Is a social media site?

: Technically yes, however, you won't find most functions of a social media site here. Yes you can add people and add some information about yourself, but most of the time it is for the ease of allowing people to find other people via their own social media sites.

8- Are people's links safe?

: You should always check anyone's links to make sure they don't redirect you to a fake site. You can simply check by hovering your mouse over the link to see if it points to a social media site vs another site. We do our best to scan the sites being input, but it is best if you double check as you go.

9- Refund and reselling usernames / acquiring usernames.

: Premium usernames refunds are not accepted. Be very careful when selecting a name before paying for it. We will be setting up a site to sell your username in the future. Any third parties sales of usernames is outside of our realm and we are not responsible for them. Buy at your own risk. Any username found to violate any terms, including taking a celebrity or business name that is not yours is strictly prohibited. Any username can be revoked for any reason by us. You may not squat on a name. For example, if there is a company called FGHTK, and you buy their name, you cannot sit on that username (aka squat) for profit. If you are found violating any terms, the username will be revoked. Any business or celebrity can lay claim to a username if it is their legal business name. A verification process will be used to determine ownership of the name. For example, you can't use Peps1 if you are not Peps1. You can, however, be the first to have BobW. Their are thousands of BobW's in the world, so if you are first, congratulations! Another BobW cannot lay claim to the name (unless it is a business, celebrity or it violates a term of use.) If there are two businesses or celebrities with the same name to claim, than a committee will be formed to approve the first person to legally claim the name. Whichever or whomever claims it first has the right to use it. We will have the ultimate decision. No one can use their accounts to defame or abuse other users, so if that becomes the case, the username will be revoked with no refund.